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I've been extremmely sad and pissed recently. It has been a long time that people barely posted any shinkane fan work. I thought it's normal since all thoses couples I love from either video games or animes are not popular. 

But for shinkane, I've followed the psychopass official page on fb for a long time, seems like everybody hands up this cute couple.

It's nice that, in this kind of situation, you still got a group of people who would appreciate this chemistry with you. You trust them. You thought they are always on your side, and support this couple.

They're just PERFECT together (Dont judge me I know I shouldnt say that). Never seen this kind of chemistry before. Looking at them standing together just blow my mind, like "I want a fuckin relationship like this". 

I know. Im way to sensitive. I just cant take in when they are talking about "how perfect ginoza is as a husband, especially for akane". I just cant. NO. HELL NOPE. Im not OK.

As one of those "realistism people", this is pretty wierld that I cant stay calm for this shit. I'm always a "calm" person that've barely been suprised or angry. I even met shitty people that make me hate them for rest of my life and I didnt look back in anger. I respect all couples or fan fictions I dont like (because its important for others). When I saw something like that, I usually shut up and walk away. Angry words are knives man, they dont hurt people, they hurt U.

In my theory, ginoza is always one of my favourate characters that I would love to work with. He is efficient, nice, smart, relatively critical, he is a perfect a employee if ur the boss. I really enjoyed this "co-worker relationship" between ginoza and akane in season 1 and 2. So that's why in my opinion, this is the best. I expect this could last forever(Yeah it didnt. What a joke). Ginoza always supports his boss and tells his bose to stop if something is wrong (which I completely appreciate) and akane needs people like this in her career.

He is a "concrete partner" if u look at it that way.

BUT for me, he is not "interesting" (or dangerous lets say) enough. Kogami is totally different. He is mysterious, dangerous, makes u wonder what the fuck he is thinking. That's basically why when I saw him for the first time in season 1 I was like "I know you are trouble" and in the end I was like "I KNEW U WERE TROUBLE Man".- > -

When the movie was available in Canada I was super excited. I didnt went to watch it because I live in Waterloo and, you know, I am quite occupied(got tons of tests and assignments). Afterwards there were many people commenting that the movie is just an update and it is not that necessary for the story. I didnt stand for that, I mean at least everybody knows kogami is doing OK, and we do need a season three to push the whole thing forward. 

In season 2 I focused on the whole series of crimes and totally forgot about ginoza (seriously). I heard some people claim, at the moment when akane knew her grandma was killed, ginoza stopped her and that's so sweet and I was like "man if I was her co-worker I would do the same damn thing". This is the motivation I wrote down this piece. 

I feel pretty, wierd? when gino and akane were talking about kogami. U guys are that closed??? I never noticed that. And in the end I remember ginoza said to kogami like"stay away from akane you are too dangerous for her" and I was like "WHAT what the fuck are you talking about? He was ur friend!" I thought ginoza wants to warn kogami to take care of himself by that way OR he knows they have feelings so he wants to warn him that IT IS dangerous. This part is still controversial (I dont even know how this is linked to the entire storyline).

From some reason, I thought ko and gino has a deeper bond compared to gino and akane. When I was thinking about this "co-work relation", I usually changed those gino-akane scenes to ko-gino and it makes sense. In many situations, gino will do the same thing for ko as he did for akane. Then I realized how supportive ginoza is, and how excellent he have done(I really wanna work with him, not marry him) and that is the way he will always be.

Speaking of akane, she is so independent that I never thought she needs a man. I am not surprised if akane stay single till the end. She is independent, strong and kind. She doesnt need somebody else, but she needs support in her work (and that new co-worker is problematic), so that is why division 1 is so important for her. But ginoza is that kind of "scheduled" person, if he gets married, Im not surprised.

So I went to the fb official page AGAIN, to look for more opinions. Unfortunately, every one was talking about "Is this movie even important, give me season 3" and no one cares about these scenes. I breathed in relief (Im such a fangirl).

Since I can read Japanese, I went to PIXIV and read some comments from artists who like (or used to like, sigh) shinkane, and they said, the last 5 minutes is so ginokane so that they changed the way they look at shinkane. That the point I am pissed. I know, I know akane needs support, but this is not what I expect. I expect the old division 1 people stands by her and tell her, no matter what happens, we always trust you and support you, not just ginoza. It makes you feel like "oh he cares so much" if you didnt watch the first two seasons. fighting for the whole society is difficult, plus 90% of people dont know what is going on. Then it makes sense to see people moving towards gino and akane as it is more "hopeful" (well what can I say).

If you go to the psycho-pass page on fb mostly people are talking about topics like should psychopass be used in real life or just some major updates of the series. BTW I did hear about some rumours on the street saying season3 is coming. I would like to check comments on fb because it is more critical while here in Asia more people are talking about couples.

SO, I wrote a whole page of proof of "what do you think about ginoza kogami and akane"(Lots of thanks to MATH 135 and MATH235)... 

Its actually something I wrote down to analyze everything and get an idea of what I thought and what I should do next(sounds like someone in season2 did that too). I was confused about shinkane, now I am gonna continue supporting it, even if Im the only one in the world who stands for it.