Btw people in Rez are alway crazy. Many of them are party monster. I remember my first night at Rez, people dressed and got drunk and I just literally walked around the campus with them. We look like a group of zombies. It's so stupid. I never got into any parties afterwards. I was terribly sick recently and last night people were gathering at the third floor, drinking and singing like "she wears short skirts I wear T-shirt" at midnight and the whole campus could hear them. They did that every Friday night, students complain, but the school can't actually do anything. My roommate gets enough and she goes home every Friday just for some nice sleep. Girls on my floor gossip on each other, but they pretend nothing when they are together. They like sharing makeup tips and talking about hot guys. They try to hook up with these guys so they use the short fat guy on our floor to show they are popular. I was so mad last night and I could not sleep until 3 in the morning. They say they love the floor, actually they hate each other.

I complain too much
Stop hating people
Good night, the world